Searching for a job is more than finding that pay-check that will put food on the table.

It's about a choice.

Choice of finding your second home that will inspire you, drive your passion and make you feel happy you're working. And living.
These CVs are out of the box, let's admit it. It's not to say they can't be down-toned, but should your character be down-toned? No, we think not.

What we would say to anyone looking for a job:
Look for a happy business
Look for a striving business
Look for a harmonious environment that nourishes individuality
Look for that spark when applying
Look for people in the company

And above all, always above all, be who you are.
If these resumes touch your creative nerve, then that's what you should do.

CV Love is created out of a true desire to infuse personality into job hunting. 

It is a personal project of Senka Rasic, an illustrator and designer with a special flair for landing great jobs and selling herself (never short).

We believe that every person is meant for something, a certain occupation that they do best. Maybe civil engineering, teaching yoga or scientific research.

Not everyone is meant to be a designer, but we are. That is why we offer the service of customising the template, so you don't have to break your head.

We hope you have fun on these pages, get inspired, get creative and go out with more passion to apply to amazing jobs.

How to Buy 

It's really simple. Within the CV of your choice you will find various options to upload your files, images, define color and even get on a call with Senka to write your CV. Our hour long session is creative brainstorming time dedicated to your success. We will discuss your strengths and find just the right words to highlight your unique skills.

In case there is a lot of information and you believe it will not fit on one page, let us reassure you. We will find the best way for your content, even if that means creating additional pages that correspond well to the design.

In a rush to apply to the job tomorrow? No worries, message us with your situation and we will do our best to rush out the project.

Once you receive your CV and all the data and design checks out, we will call the initial design closed. After that, you will have 5 free data changes with us, providing you change your job, learn a new skill or need to update your contact info.

For all questions and concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch!